Authors’ Photos

Don’t judge a book by its front cover, right – but what about the photo of the author on the back?

Electric literature website offers picture/summary/author photos in a giant table. (UPDATE: their website has been revamped, so this is no longer the page to view – but you get the point from the sample photos below.)

Challenge: Look through the list until you’ve counted 7 people you’d genuinely be happy to meet in daylight in a public place for a chat.  Purely on how they look in the photos.

When you’ve got to 7….. count how many faces you had to sift through to get 7 you liked the look of…..

Screen shot 2016-06-11 at 23.38.13


…… (it took me an astounding 45 faces to find 7 I liked.  There seems to be a fashion in writers looking standoffish and almost resentful)



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