Knit your own tinsel

Knit your own tinsel!?  No way?  Yes, way.  Arne and Carlos demonstrate, using the “i-cord” technique which stands for “idiot stitch”.  The whole demo is unintentionally hilarious, as they share a house and knitting career together yet are very different personalities – and one of the biggest differences is that one of them loves glitteryContinue reading “Knit your own tinsel”

Thing of Beauty – Silver Jewellery

Don’t ever say I don’t point out luxurious beautiful things which you don’t need but will fall in love with, and find you need: Emma Ginnever produces just such beautiful jewellery – some of it bespoke for weddings, much of it just gorgeous gifts…. for others, or for yourself, depending on the amount ofContinue reading “Thing of Beauty – Silver Jewellery”

Brighter Christmas: decoration tip

In my unofficial role as the person least likely to be mistaken for Martha Stewart…. I can still give some cheap and cheerful life/art tips: throw some mint imperials in a favourite cup and saucer.  Plonk on a flat surface.  Looks nice and refreshes palate (and breath). If minimalist look is favoured, try in whiteContinue reading “Brighter Christmas: decoration tip”

Brighter Christmas tip: post

Note to self for christmas 2017: take a tip from what one creative friend did this year: seal envelopes with stickers beautifully chosen.  (Cut out paper cuts on the tongue!)  And add that personal touch.   Also – today I posted my last parcel before Christmas, calmly at a rural post office.  No need toContinue reading “Brighter Christmas tip: post”