15 gift ideas for a knitter

If you have a knitter in your life – irrespective of gender – there’s rather a lot you can get them for a gift, to do with their hobby.  Obviously, a gift token for a very favourite woolshop is a thing of beauty – but if you want to present them with a wrapped package – check out this video by Kristy Glass Knits.  The get-together in this video is distinctly Christmassy and female – but the gifts would work any time of the year, and any knitter.

Not all gifters have equal budgets, so I’ve divided them into separate brackets.

The principle here is like stacking Russian Dolls – you can often place individual small pieces within the larger, more expensive ones, for a gift opening which goes on giving (see the video).


Madly generous Gifts include:

  • A large handmade woven basket for storing yarns in

    Screen shot 2018-11-06 at 17.04.13
    Kristy Glass
  • a large skein of a very favourite luxury yarn
  • Fabric Project bag – a single bag to contain all the wools for each project – smaller bags suitable for keen sock-knitters, but if the giftee is a keen sweater knitter, the kitbag needs to be large.  There are a huge selection of different styles available, so it is vital to know your gift recipient’s aesthetic to know wether they’d prefer classic or pop art or retro print or graffiti style etc.
Screen shot 2018-11-06 at 17.05.57
video by Kristy Glass


  • a handful of mini-skeins (which can be knitted into projects for little pops of colour)
  • a yarnball holder (like a pot to hold the yarnball with hole in the side to let the wool out)
  • special, sharp scissors
  • scented candle
  • pompom maker (nice, wooden one)
  • favourite luxury teas or coffees to drink
  • special needles e.g. bamboo
  • buy them an audiobook or music CD (or gift token to online music seller)

Screen shot 2018-11-06 at 17.04.02

Tiny gifts

  • pins and badges
  • travel-sized tins with a range of mini tools: scissors, measuring tape etc
  • stitchmarkers (tiny metal things like keyrings for marking places in a knitting row)
  • special soap or lotion for knitting hands


As ever, whatever is bought in a place or style close to the recipient’s heart, adds to the joy.  There is a gigantic market of buying online or ordering direct from the independent wool dyer, hundreds of miles away.  But do pop into your local yarn shop, to find out what they have first, to support local business – and receive an expert’s advice.

(Hint: if you want to pick wool for someone, notice what colours they tend to wear in their tops, and be aware that some people find pure wool irritating next to the skin).


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