Health & Safety Film: Shoes

Comedy: Having designated Friday evenings as “Health & Safety Film Evenings”, we at ,& relax by having a staff showing of a Health & Safety Film by a figment of our imagination: the unintentionally comic Professor Mal Archaic.


Professor Mal Archaic:  Yes, revellers, once again we come to the end of a working week and pause to consider a topic of great peril to us – this week, it is footwear.  Recently, I was riveted – riveted, I say! – to see for the first time that truly great documentary by Neil Simon, “The Out of towners”, currently showing on Prime Amazon, for free.

In particular, I would like to draw your attention to a scene in which there are multiple potential dangers exposed by the use of hazardous footwear, inappropriate for the occasion: namely (a) heels and leather soled shoes for climbing down the outside of a building rather than mountain footwear, and (b) high heeled mules for high-kicking dancing.  Neither has the grip and purchase that one would recommend for the occasion.  This will be demonstrated by John Cleese and Goldie Hawn.

Architects and hotel managers are advised to look away.  But shoe designers: take note of your clients’ needs.

Roll the tape, Rufus!  And Beowulf: my comfy armchair, pipe and popcorn.



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