Comedy writing – ways in (UK)

When you aspire to be a writer, the person you really want to hear from, is someone who has been in your shoes, but managed to strong-arm open the door of opportunity and is now paid to do what you'd love to do.  (Although I suppose it would also be fun to hear from a …


Thespian struggles with opening an unenveloped piece of paper….

Actors Faye Dunaway and Warren Beatty are merely beginners in fluffing reading lines from an opened envelope... (as performed at 2017 Oscars) Gifted actors can struggle with smaller tasks.... cue Phyllida Law, actress on this clip, watch the last minute, from 1 minute 30.  

Gravy 2 ways

1)A 2 minute audio excerpt from classic Hancock (for those of you listening on the black and white wireless) on the subject of spectacularly poor cooking:   2) And another viewpoint on gravy - a poem - viewable in book "Essential Poems from the Staying Alive Trilogy" edited by Neil Astley and at blog

Missing Victoria Wood…..

don't.  Instead, watch this video of half an hour of her chatting with Dawn French on the whole business of comedy.  It's not a sketch show but it is amusing, witty, real and generous.  For anyone who is interested in comedy, it is an open window into that world.   Victoria tells how she …