Get past the fear block to freedom (20 mins)

“Fear and envy will keep you on the sidelines”   This is an extraordinary video: 20 minutes of a woman talking about her paralysing fear of public speaking – while doing it.  Honest.  Encouraging.  She’s speaking to a roomful of creative people, at the AIGA (American Institute of Graphic Arts) conference, 2015.  Then there’s 10Continue reading “Get past the fear block to freedom (20 mins)”

Management speak spoke here

Do you feel held back by lack of impressive wording in documents at work?  Has it always been your desire to obfuscate and make unintelligible statements?   Look no further – the Plain English Campaign have rigged up a free Gobbledygook generator.  Reader, it works.  I tried it and came up with: Our exploratory researchContinue reading “Management speak spoke here”

Video, text, weaving – Beryl Korot

Beryl Korot, video artist, explains in 3 minutes her work “Text and Commentary” based on her fascination with communication, line by line – the similarity in computer coding, writing and the ancient art/computer of the weaving loom. Result: multi-channel video work.