Stitching as meditation

This conversation about stitching is itself slow, meditative and pondering, titled “Thinking Stitch” by Brenda Miller.

In the conversation, the two women sewing discuss early memories of a mother sewing practical clothes, rhythms of machine and handsewing, practicing the craft as a meditative way of slowing down, and the importance of finding that creative time personally, to balance the rest of life.

Flow is a key phrase which keeps cropping up, that moment when heart, mind, body and soul seem totally engaged and creativity is natural and easy.

Background – the space in which they are sewing is beautifully set up for creativity, and invites making and conversation.


Creative Takeaway

(With so many posts on this blog, there is a small section headed “creative takeaway” where there are useful pointers for us all to use in our own creative practice.)

In today’s piece, I notice the environment and think:

What is my/your creating environment like?  Have we provided a space and time for our making?  Do we invest in the tools which work well?  If our creativity is solo, how can we practice it with others?  e.g. if we write solo, can we find a group of actors who might enjoy reading it out loud and giving feedback? If we craft solo, is there a group of people who meet occasionally to make together?  Perhaps, as in this video today, we could think more about our making, understand it better, with others?

If not possible to meet up with others, perhaps there are videos on Youtube by makers in the same art form?  Then to view that, or listen to an audio podcast, could start a new train of thought or discussion in our own minds.


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