What can you do with a commute time?

One example.  Brooklyn Boy Knits.

In this short video, Brooklyn boy speaks to people with a hidden sense of being creative – give it a try!

Practice your writing

Another person who used his commute as place to exercise his creative interest is a poet in a previous blog post: Dobby Gibson.

Listen to a Podcast or Book

Quite a few people are already onto this trick – judging by the amount of earphones I see on buses. I have a favourite podcast, “Makers & Mystics” which lasts about the right length for my commute and I jump off the bus, enthused by creative ideas and the company of fascinating people who live hundreds of miles away – instead of listening to the other passengers’ dreary recital of family ailments or over-excited gossipings or sheer drivel. (Admittedly, if you are a comedy writer like Victoria Wood, what you hear may actually be the basis for new character sketches – but she seemed to travel on buses with more colourful people than I do).

Creative Takeaway

If you ever need some encouragement to try your creative vision – listen to the bit in the middle of the video with Brooklyn Boy, where he gives everyone ‘permission’ and encouragement to at least try something they’re wanting to to make.  

I‘ve just made this blog post – what are you going to make?


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