Fun shopping list

When is a list fun?  When it’s not a list. But when it’s magnetic fridge badges. The one downside of this list is that you can’t easily take it shopping with you, whereas a handwritten scribbled list on a piece of torn off notebook will happily travel in your jeans pocket – orContinue reading “Fun shopping list”

Beauty in train stations

One minute to view 10 beautiful train stations in the world, pieced together by Curbed website. Good design.  Art and life.   One of the stations, Central Station, New York, was used for a very expressive scene in the film “Fisher King” where two awkward characters almost meet – and the magic of the wayContinue reading “Beauty in train stations”

What is Pentagram?

Pentagram is the world’s largest independent design consultancy.  It is owned and run by 21 people who are friends as well as market leaders in their design speciality. Telling their own story, they predictably chose to be unpredictable and tell it in a humorous, personal way, incorporating their brands. (Cue: 3 and a half minute engaging video)Continue reading “What is Pentagram?”

Pattern Inspiration: Kaffe Fassett quilts

Look and be inspired.  Colourful, imaginative, innovative, daring and my dear, the patterns!  Somehow, the video has chosen a bland photo – but trust me, click on the play button and a world of wonder will be shown to you.   (I want a cushion like that one on his settee)

Silver – Cara Murphy

Cara Murphy, based in Northern Ireland designs astonishing silverware.  (it’s a bowl) See Cara describe her work in a BBC arts show (2 minutes) at: (a still from the programme) See more of her bold designs on her website:

Design: Function or Beauty?

Charles Eames was asked “Do you focus on function or beauty?”  and he replied “Why should I choose between my head or my heart?” The designs created by the American Charles and his wife Ray, co-creators – are instantly recognisable, iconic 1950s/60s: The Barbican in London has just finished (on 14th Feb) a show onContinue reading “Design: Function or Beauty?”