Fun shopping list

When is a list fun?  When it’s not a list.



But when it’s magnetic fridge badges.

The one downside of this list is that you can’t easily take it shopping with you, whereas a handwritten scribbled list on a piece of torn off notebook will happily travel in your jeans pocket – or your butler’s apron – whichever way you shop.  I guess for online grocery shoppers it will do well – just put your computer within sight of your fridge door and use the info colourfully displayed.

Fun idea for a housewarming present.  Or an anytime gift for fans of Smarties sweets.  (price £22 for 35)  There are also separate sets for herbs and spices, if it becomes an addiction.

Harrington & Squires Ltd
136a Fortess Road
+44 20 7267 1500


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