So you win Project Runway – what next?

10 ways for Creatives to Make it (and sell it) from Christian Sirianio's example


Orla Kiely – Pattern Design

drawing patterns Orlad Kiely   You can see her draw her iconic Stem design if you have access to BBC i-Player in the UK, at For everyone else, here it is:   Creative Takeaway "Ditsy-Tulip" runs a sewing vlog - here she wears an Orla Kiely fabric dress, and runs through a good range of books on …

Creation and other designs – Alex Beattie (8 mins)

Alex Beattie is a needlework designer of tapestry kits - although coming from a background of illustration. What I love most about both designing and stitching is the fact that you’re working with pure colour. There’s no mixing or preparation – it’s bright, jewel-like wools sewn straight on to the canvas. There’s also something …