How to wear your ponchini

A ponchini is – well, here is its inventor, Steven Be, to explain:

For more about Steven – a vastly entertaining raconteur, do not miss his interview with Kristy Glass – an occasion on which he did have the requisite sunglasses to model the full range of ponchini looks.  We get a lively account of his life and views on life.

I particularly love the part where he went for an interview as designer with a woollen fashions company – claims he didn’t know what a c.v. was, so just turned up with suitcases full of his knits, emptied them out and said “I do this”.  He was hired on the spot.

If the word “irrepressible” didn’t already exist – it would have had to have been invented to describe the man.  I like him vastly, and he has buzz and energy which reaches right out of the flat screen.



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