How to learn to understand fashion

Beginning to understand fashion in 5 minutes, with Anna Wintour


Why is Haute Couture so cheap?

Working from a 2D flat 1939 Christian Dior Design, a skilfull dressmaker, Domenique Erb,  takes proportions, measurements, then drapes, pins and sews muslin on a dressmaker's bodyform dummy to bring it to 3D life as a template for an evening gown. Why do Couture garments cost so much? Well, once you've viewed this video, …

Film Review: “The Gospel according to Andre”

Andre Leon Talley is a 20th century fashion icon: former creative director at Vogue, friend of many designers such as Karl Lagerfeld, Diane Fustenberg and fashion editors Anna Wintour and Diana Vreeland..... I'm just back from viewing the documentary on him at the Edinburgh International Film Festival.  Here's the trailer: This is an inspiring …