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So we love this.

Tracie Cheng‘s drawings on flowing fabrics, dance across a field in fashion by Arret Studio, Shanghai.

Video by Derryck Menere.

Subtle, beautiful, moving.


Creative Takeaway

Do you write words or paint or draw?  Take that into another dimension by putting your work on fabric and placing it in different ways.

How about flying it as a flag?

Wearing it as a t-shirt?

Printing it onto fabric for a dancer?


Good music lasts…. fashion not so much

The Four Tops and “Reach Out” is a classic song.  But those big jackets and too short trousers?  To 21st century eyes, slightly odd and hilarious, although obviously sharp styling at the time, 50 years ago.


Upcycling clothes scraps to Fashion

Zero Waste Daniel is a brand who take the material scraps thrown away by clothes manufacturers – and stitches them together into new garments, for sale.

Yes – I know – it’s called patchwork.  It’s been done by cost conscious mums down the centuries trying to eke out the life of a garment with patches, or make a new outfit from the salvaged parts of older garments which had worn through in places.  Hippies in the 1970s brought in a wave of patchwork clothes, and now a new generation even happier with clashing patterns, is discovering the delight of making the most of resources, trying not to throw away any raw material.

What I like about this story

  • I love that Daniel had made a heart-based decision to give up on the pressured unreal evening garment industry – but that at that point, he found a new purpose.
  • The new purpose wasn’t a million miles away from his existing skills and vocation, it was simply a new way of doing it.  More productive and less waste.
  • … but he wouldn’t have found the new without being willing to let go of the old way
  • The workers in the story are given a living wage.
  • The garments are made to order exactly to your measurements (via online or in the store)
  • the clients get to meet those sewing their outfit
  • there are “mosaics” available – portraits of famous people made out of cloth fabrics
  • it is carried out with style – it takes a keen design eye to piece together contrasting fabrics

See a little bit more, right here:


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I’m feeling inspired – how can I start sewing a Quilt?

Glad you asked, Lesson 1 coming up next….



Time travel to Jane Austen – the Fashion Museum, Bath

The museum setting includes the Assembly Rooms in Bath – which often occur in scenes of Jane Austen novels.  At the same time, you can view the typical outfits which would have been worn at that time, in the museum.

Bonuses also include:

First Saturday of each month 10-30-12.30     Sketching morning (free with museum ticket – sktechbook and pencil supplied)

Second Saturday of month – 10-12midday Bath Knitting and Crochet Guild (free)


Stephen Jones, milliner, Covent Garden

Millinery – the art of hats – with all its colour, quirkiness, style, with a visit to the location where Stephen Jones makes his hats with his team of millinersScreen shot 2017-01-31 at 22.19.16.png

This is a closeup of the created fabric for one of his hats.


His range of clients include Steve Strange (1980s pop) and Princess Diana in her early days in the public eye.  A variety.

Screen shot 2017-01-31 at 22.24.03.pngScreen shot 2017-01-31 at 22.24.39.png


All this packed into 9 minutes.  A rare look into a rare and beautiful (and whacky/witty) fashion making.  (Stephen estimates that there are only about 10 millinery studios at the high fashion end in the world).

How to never run out of inspiration – vivienne westwood

Vivienne Westwood is a top British (counter-cultural) designer, and has been for decades.

In this rather rushed interview, with a very busy lady, there is concern for the environment, clothes advice and inspiration sources.

Top tips for fashion in a recession…. bearing in mind that most people are a bit lower on dosh/money/spondulaks after Christmas.

  • wear your old favourites over and over again
  • buy less, choose well
  • make it very personal
  • don’t buy all this generic clothing that needs lots of time in the washing-machine

“If you’ve got a grease spot, put talcum powder on it, it completely disappears”

Where do you get your inspirations?

Vivienne: “I think without culture, without a deep interest in the most wonderful models of excellence that the human race have ever produced… I don’t think you can run out of ideas.  This is why people run out of ideas because it’s like having a fridge with no food in it – you have to get your ideas by studying art, the way people saw the world in the past.”