How to learn to understand fashion

If you’ve ever been unable to ‘read’ what’s going on with a haute couture runway show – there seems no cohesive thread – listen to Anna Wintour (famed former Fashion Editor of American Vogue).  She clearly and crisply says what’s going on and you begin to learn the language of fashion.  In under 5 minutes.

She begins with saying that there were so many questions in the fashion shows, some answered, some not.  And I thought: really?  It’s a bunch of clothes!  It’s a wardrobe!


But then as she talked on, I realised that she was able to comment on a designer’s current clothes because she was able to compare them to his/her past work; she understood the production cycle of the industry, she saw the whole idea of a catwalk fashion show being challenged by having the show like a beach – and the big question of gender identity being tackled with the clothes shown and the models.


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