Lisa O'Neill

Meet a tonic: Lisa O’Neill

I have just met Lisa O’Neill via the internet – she is a breath of fresh air and a newfound female friend.  A mum of 4 kids, lively, loving life and encouraging women to take responsibility for their own lives and happiness. Why? “I spent 25 years in the fashion industry, with all these unhappy women and they weren’t in charge of their stuff.  And … Continue reading Meet a tonic: Lisa O’Neill

Release your inner Graphic Artist

and design your own place settings… Go for it!   This project is in a book aimed at readers aged 6-9 years old, but I think it’s far too much fun to restrict it so.  Adults need their laughs too! Check it all out at “Let’s make some Great Placemat Art” by Marion Deuchars. 72 pages of fun for around £10 (depending on which book … Continue reading Release your inner Graphic Artist

April NO Fooling!

Sometimes the truth really is stranger than humorous fiction – according to a post from national media source: BBC predicts a light fall of the white stuff, in Hull, today. On 27th March (note date: not posted 1st April), Hull Daily Mail posted this story, inviting people to gather at 11 am for the third annual pillow fight. I came across this story today … Continue reading April NO Fooling!


My ideal cookbook is probably one I’ll have to write myself as no one else has – possibly for the very good reason that its title would never fit on the spine: “NoFussAlmostNoWashingUpWorksEveryTimeWithCheapIngredientsScratchAndSniff Cookbook”. It would be lavishly illustrated and come supplied with a complimentary bib for drooling. And it would have a different layout from the usual – no point having a long list … Continue reading Fud