April NO Fooling!

Sometimes the truth really is stranger than humorous fiction – according to a post from national media source:

Photo: Hull Daily Mail 27.3.17

BBC predicts a light fall of the white stuff, in Hull, today.

On 27th March (note date: not posted 1st April), Hull Daily Mail posted this story, inviting people to gather at 11 am for the third annual pillow fight.


I came across this story today on the BBC news page, as something which looks like an April Fool – but isn’t.  And the BBC should know – last year, the pillow melee took place outside their offices.  The tradition is remiscent of a scene from old black and white film comedy days – a piano plays, around 200 people turn up and hit each other with pillows until they get tired (around 20 mins) then sweep up the feathers.

Comedy ensues.


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