img_0773My ideal cookbook is probably one I’ll have to write myself as no one else has – possibly for the very good reason that its title would never fit on the spine:

“NoFussAlmostNoWashingUpWorksEveryTimeWithCheapIngredientsScratchAndSniff Cookbook”.

It would be lavishly illustrated and come supplied with a complimentary bib for drooling.

And it would have a different layout from the usual – no point having a long list of ingredients and then having a long description of method so that you are constantly flipping back the page to find HOW many eggs? etc.

And, please, instructions with a sense of humour and as if the real cook is standing beside you – not something which reads like a chemistry lesson with all fun removed.

I know – I’ll write it and just call it “Fud”.  You’re looking at it on the pages of this blog…. I haven’t yet invented the scratch and sniff part, but that’s surely only a matter of time.

Now where was I… oh yes….. step one: first peel off the packaging.  Step two: place on plate.  Serve.



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