Preparing to create: Instrumental Music

I’m always on the hunt for good pieces of instrumental music, because I find it gives me creative space: I can be writing words and generally being creative, without someone else’s lyrics breaking in with their thoughts.  The right music gives me a background and sense of pace.  So here’s a new album for my ears, for thinking times (as it’s quite contemplative): “Into the … Continue reading Preparing to create: Instrumental Music

Wide Open spaces Music “Endless Field”

If you like open spaces, nature and find it recharges you – here’s a new instrumental album which draws on the same inspiration – it brings the open spaces to you, wherever you are listening.  And the distribution company, Biophilia Records has healthy involvement with the environment.

Ike Sturm (who I know slightly personally, but the little I know I appreciate a lot) says:

“Nature inspires us; we journey into the wilderness to create more space in our lives and to reflect on our experiences.  We hope audiences will listen more deeply and explore their own frontiers”

Endless Field are bassist Ike Sturm and guitarist Jesse Lewis, who have played together Continue reading “Wide Open spaces Music “Endless Field””

Wordless beauty – (small apple pies)

Simply because there is something soothing about watching someone baking.  No words.  Quiet instrumental music, fitting, a two minute watch. You could either watch this to slow down and relax, or just for the sheer visual pleasure of something known and yet other – and the beauty and texture of handmaking, caught in beautiful light.  (made for Woven Magazine, which celebrates handmaking skills). Continue reading Wordless beauty – (small apple pies)