Preparing to create: Instrumental Music

I’m always on the hunt for good pieces of instrumental music, because I find it gives me creative space: I can be writing words and generally being creative, without someone else’s lyrics breaking in with their thoughts.  The right music gives me a background and sense of pace.  So here’s a new album for my ears, for thinking times (as it’s quite contemplative): “Into the Deep” by Epiphany – classically trained musicians who also improvise.

Creative Takeaway

As part of the preparation/warmup for creativity, practice pulling together different playlists of music to get you in the ‘zone’.

If you’ve already got a playlist or two, perhaps you might like to gradually explore other recommendations for music, to put together a brand new playlist, over time.

Sometimes, just the process of looking for new music will bring new musician’s names, attitudes, different rhythms, cultures into your mind.  Feel free to let go the ones which don’t help, but do invest in purchasing new music, as budgets allow.


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