Wide Open spaces Music “Endless Field”

If you like open spaces, nature and find it recharges you – here’s a new instrumental album which draws on the same inspiration – it brings the open spaces to you, wherever you are listening.  And the distribution company, Biophilia Records has healthy involvement with the environment.

Ike Sturm (who I know slightly personally, but the little I know I appreciate a lot) says:

“Nature inspires us; we journey into the wilderness to create more space in our lives and to reflect on our experiences.  We hope audiences will listen more deeply and explore their own frontiers”

Endless Field are bassist Ike Sturm and guitarist Jesse Lewis, who have played together on various projects in New York, over 10 years.  That collaborativeness feeds into a tight (in the best way) sound which naturally flows together.  They’ve very happy to also include fellow respected musicians on this album: trumpeter Ingrid Jensen, pianist Fabian Almazan, on vibraphone Chris Dingman, percussion Rich Stein, voice Misty Ann Sturm, trumpet Nadje Noordhuis and Grammy-winning saxophonist Donny McCaslin.  

The album was recorded in the Catskill Mountains of New York and released through Biophilia Records – specially chosen by the musicians because of their environmental activities.

Jesse Lewis “Biophilia is a record company which, in addition to putting out interesting music, seeks to do positive things for the world.  All of the artists that are on Biophilia go out and do environmental cleanup projects, and do community outreach”

The band have been touring in Norway, Rome and Boston, and  are playing in New York tomorrow evening, at the 55 Bar with upcoming gigs in Brooklyn, Vermont, Hanover NH and Twins Jazz Club in Washington DC.

More details (and beautiful photographs by Christopher Georgia in Arcadia National Park) on the band’s official website:


Screen shot 2017-07-17 at 10.27.22

“We feel that   ‘Endless Field’ could have a lot of different connotations and we feel that they all relate to the music and create a way to sortof visually connect with the sounds we’re trying to create”


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