Dullest blog ever – Dave Walker

This is a wonderfully funny parody of a totally inconsequential blog.  Made by a hilarious cartoonist, Dave Walker. Posts includes such gems as: Going for a walk April 15th, 2013 I decided to go for a walk. I set off in my chosen direction. Eventually I returned to my starting point.   Straightening the doormat February 7th, 2010 I noticed that the doormat was at … Continue reading Dullest blog ever – Dave Walker

How to get a glowing book review BEFORE writing the book….

Yes, you can achieve a strongly positive book review before you have written a word of it…  IF you reply to an unimaginative scammer who has used the old ruse of pretending to be a friend who has lost his money overseas.

 James Veitch shows us how, in a video of under 3 minutes.

If you’d like to see more scammers getting their come-uppance, you’ll find “Scamalot” has Continue reading “How to get a glowing book review BEFORE writing the book….”

Calming words

Writer Anne Lamott before her 61st birthday sat down and wrote all the truths she absolutely knew.  They include the importance of radical self-care “Being full of affection for one’s goofy, self-centred, cranky, annoying self is home; it’s where world peace begins.” “Every writer you know writes really terrible first drafts – but they keep their butt in the chair… they do it by prearrangement … Continue reading Calming words

Light relief

Into the veil of tears which is BBC documentary TV, a sparkle of light, laughter, self-sacrifice, helping the poor, genuine cameraderie, joy, benefit to community and unfashionably long robes broke through, last night.  As you may guess from the clues, this involved followers of St Francis. Last night’s programme “Bronx to Bradford” following the lives of 5 friars in Bradford, was beautifully filmed, well edited, … Continue reading Light relief

Humour me

I was thinking today about a very good friend who is simply in a difficult set of circumstances.  She is immensely capable, resourceful, witty, hardworking and completely unself-pitying.  But is in a long-running set of adverse circumstances which would put the frighteners on any optimist.  In all this greyness, where is the colour?  And a phrase came to me: “Follow the thread of laughter” Like … Continue reading Humour me

Zsa Zsa Gabor vs Groucho Marx vs Mae West

Today’s “last Word” Radio 4 programme paid short tributes to recently passed away well known people (which it does, brilliantly, every week).  I really tuned in to hear about Rabbi Lionel Blue – but in the same programme Zsa Zsa Gabor was celebrated. Someone pieced together her best one-liners in this video clip.  Makes me think it would have been interesting to hear a radio … Continue reading Zsa Zsa Gabor vs Groucho Marx vs Mae West