Zsa Zsa Gabor vs Groucho Marx vs Mae West

Today’s “last Word” Radio 4 programme paid short tributes to recently passed away well known people (which it does, brilliantly, every week).  I really tuned in to hear about Rabbi Lionel Blue – but in the same programme Zsa Zsa Gabor was celebrated.

Someone pieced together her best one-liners in this video clip.  Makes me think it would have been interesting to hear a radio programme based on competitive quipping – between her, Groucho Marx and Mae West.  So let’s make one up.

First, Zsa Zsa:


Groucho?  (In just 2 minutes)

Nice comeback – I especially like the quote about politics.  But you lose points for having most of your lines written for you.

Mae West in 2 minutes?  I reckon she’d win – she wrote all her own lines.  Most of these lines you can see the joke before it’s said – but that’s because they have become iconic.




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