Autumn embroidered: Susanna Bauer

autumn, embroidery, tree, leaf, art

Leaf textile art by Susanna Bauer: Autumn embroidered


Mary Oliver – morning poetry writing

Mary Oliver on modern poetry, her writing practice, early morning as a time to be creative, and loving concern for the environment

Loyalty and Kindness – Drawn IN (Carole Bury)   Both a beautiful statement and illustration, by artist Carole Bury.  You can see more of her work on her website  She works through fine art, paper, textiles, drawings, often with the subject of birds and flight and associated emotions of joy and release. "As my pencils and charcoal dance and skitter …

30 mins hanging out with Native American poet

Came across this small, independent film recently, of Jim Northrup.  In the film, he takes us the viewer through his experience of living from nature, the seasons, and we sit in the audience as he story tells through poems.  Engaging, intriguing, entertaining - and enlivened by questions and answers.,239 "Jim Northrup with reservations"  Film by …