Autumn embroidered: Susanna Bauer

Artist Susanna Bauer collects leaves, carefully washes and dries them – then embroiders them into small artpieces, either 2D or 3D.  Yes, way.

Susanna lives and work in Cornwall, England, and her work can be posted worldwide.  Her work is also represented by galleries worldwide:

  • Muriel Guepin Gallery, New York
  • Mobilia Gallery, Massachussetts
  • REN fine art gallery, Cornwall, UK
  • Le Salon Vert, Carouge/Geneva, Switzerland
  • Gallery +106, Takamatsu, Kagawa Prefecture, Japan

There are obviously a lot of questions about the fragility and longevity of the leaves, but as Susanna points out on the Frequently Asked Questions on her website, botanical specimens of leaves over 200 years old have been preserved using the same techniques as she uses (also, the glass framing is archival and blocks out much of harmful sunlight).

Who knew brown could be so beautiful?

See more beauty at her website here.





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