Exhibition Review: “I want to be a machine” Paolozzi & Andy Warhol – Edinburgh

Review of current Warhol and Paolozzi joint exhibition at National Gallery Modern Two, Edinburgh


“How to be a Poet” published this week

If you've ever wanted advice on "How to be a Poet", there's a book with precisely that title, by key UK poetry publisher Nine Arches press, published in a few days' time (20th December 2017.)  It's written by Jo Bell and Jane Commane - who are poets and editors in their own write (right).   The …

See with fresh eyes

What is this picture? It's a picture painted by a friend of mine - but placed in bubble wrap, for moving.  And it's also on its side. Just the simplest changes helps us see the art in our house in a different way.  Even moving pictures around, swopping them can lead to new ways of …