Response (Chain): new Edinburgh bridge

This is my late response to the creative prompt “Chain” – a view from the new Edinburgh bridge, Queensferry Crossing.

3 Edinburgh Bridges
3 Bridges

This picture shows 3 Edinburgh bridges across the Forth.  I’m being driven across the very new Queensferry Crossing bridge, beyond, you can see the upright of the older road suspension bridge – and in the background, the rusty red colour of the railway Forth Bridge.

It’s a response to the “chain” prompt because it feels like a chain of events – a succession of bridges – and the two road bridges are both suspension bridges, held up by very many linked and twisted cables.

The new bridge has only been operational for a few weeks, and vehicles are restricted to 40 mph, so it is a good opportunity to take pictures.  Once the speed limit is raised to the usual 70 mph, it would be more difficult to snap.  And perhaps there won’t be a friendly orange traffic cone in the picture, once it’s up to full speed.



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