1 Nov, Day 1 of Poetry challenge

Can you write a poem, today on the topic “NEW DAY“.  This is day one of the PAD (Poem a Day) challenge for November. If you’re taking part, interpret that how you will, and write a poem. (If absolutely uninspired by this given topic – I know I’m finding it a bit obvious, cliched andContinue reading “1 Nov, Day 1 of Poetry challenge”

7 reasons to write a poem a day in November

Just heard about this – minutes away from the 1st of November – a Poem-a-day challenge to write in response to a prompt – then make the best poems into a chapbook (poetry booklet) of 10-20 page before midnight 15th January.  Challenge by Writer’s Digest.   Why Take Part? Why not?  There is no entryContinue reading “7 reasons to write a poem a day in November”

Do you want to write a novel?

Headsup: November is the NaNoWriMo – National Novel Writing Month – a free programme which sets you a deadline to write a novel in a month.  November.  It’s based in America, but it is international. Details here: So if you have a half-written novel in a drawer somewhere, or a brilliant idea you haven’t gotContinue reading “Do you want to write a novel?”