Do you want to write a novel?

Headsup: November is the NaNoWriMo – National Novel Writing Month – a free programme which sets you a deadline to write a novel in a month.  November.  It’s based in America, but it is international.

Details here:

So if you have a half-written novel in a drawer somewhere, or a brilliant idea you haven’t got around to finishing – this might just be the incentive you need to advance it to first draft stage.

I thought I’d let you know first, so you could gather your material, give it a working title (one you can change later).

DIY Version

You don’t even have to signup with the organisation – you could just set aside in your mind that November will be the month you DO the writing.  It does help to have someone checking up on you – so you could maybe just organise for a friend to also spend that month writing something they want to do (doesn’t have to be a novel – it could be the next great recipe book or a travel journal from that fantastic holiday they went on, but haven’t yet written up.) Then you could compare wordcounts as you go.



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