Laura Gill Artwork – painter

Laura Gill makes paintings which are slightly cubist/Futurist – the lines of movement are important.  I have just seen her work for the first time today – so unfortunately, I’ve missed her recent September exhibition: “New Horizons” in Edinburgh.

Her painting is almost sculptural, and her line drawings of people engaged in sport capture the essence of the movement of bodies.  She even does commissions for that very special birthday present:

Discerning Gent
Commissioned birthday card

However, much more typical of her painting style is this painting, Synergy.

Laura Gill
Syngergy (4) by Laura Gill

I am quietly beginning to set aside an art fund money so that I can buy one of her pictures – loving her work.  It’s flowing, beautifully drawn and joyous.


If you’d like to see more of her work, I recommend going across to her website here.



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