Listening in on the Oscars for Poetry, T S Eliot Prize

Without even the pressure to dress up, you can listen with the leaders in UK poetry to the annual prestigious award ceremony for the T S Eliot prize – audio recordings now available here.


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What freedom is… Nina Simone

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Last night I more or less idly began watching a documentary on Netflix about Nina Simone – and was right from the start transfixed by her words: “I’ll tell you what freedom is to me – no fear!” From those opening comments in “What happened to you Miss Simone?” I was glued to the screen.  One of the words most… Continue reading What freedom is… Nina Simone

New/old music in Manchester

A new piece of classical music is to premiere in Manchester Cathedral on 8th June as part of Manchester Cameratas’ “The Playoff”.  The piece was written partly to celebrate the 300th anniversary of Bach’s Cello Suites – written in happier times before the recent explosion.  Colin Riley is the composer, and his two soloist cellos (so to speak) went to the same School of Music … Continue reading New/old music in Manchester

Songs from Home

A 2 minute video of Nik, a busker in Bath with Serbian background. “I love the way that busking as an art-form surprises people and it changes public spaces.  No matter where you’re from, there’s a universal language in song” This video by Lewis Jelley was made using a mobile phone with fish-eye lens. The story it tells is compact and rich.  In merely 2 … Continue reading Songs from Home