“take poetry to where the people would be” – El Gruer

Intriguing blog interview with poet El Gruer – who published her first book of poetry “Paper Sky” – particularly interesting for poets starting out and looking for more interactive ways to get their work known, rather than instantly self-publishing.

As well as competing in poetry slams, El wanted poetry to be very accessible, and made it happen this Face 2.jpgway:

I wanted to reach ordinary people. So I decided to take poetry to where the people would be. I started performing at pubs, hospitals, schools, festivals, people’s homes etc and it snowballed! I travelled the UK doing that full time for 2 years. My policy was if someone invited me and they could put me up for the night then I would go and share for free. Pretty crazy when I look back on it now!



This interview in full (including how and why she writes) can be found at:




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