Today’s Creative Prompt: Explanation

So today, Saturday, if you have time to be creative on the weekend – Explanation is the recommended prompt by Sketchbook Skool….


Antsy – eh?

If you are following the daily creative prompts by Sketchbook Skool (put on the top of my blog page), read today’s, “Antsy” and began to fret, wondering what it was – if you felt very nervous, worried or unpleasantly excited by not knowing its meaning – well, that IS the definition of antsy.  It’s a North American word, so not all our readers will be familiar with it.

As well as that meaning, Cambridge Dictionary offers the following synonyms – words or phrases meaning roughly the same.  So similar in fact that you could swop one for the original word in a sentence and it would make sense.

Screen shot 2017-10-04 at 11.25.52

from Cambridge Dictionary online


Response to “Workout” prompt

Here is my doodle animation inspired by the word “Workout.”  Don’t blink or you’ll miss it; don’t turn up the sound, it’s silent. It’s very brief and simply made on mobile phone.

It seems to be that I’m getting slower and slower to respond to the prompts.  I wonder how you are getting on with them, if they are interesting or genuinely make you want to create.

Response to Creative Prompt: Dark

Responding to today’s creative prompt: dark.  A homemade video in response to an everyday activity and the electrifying experience of reading W H Auden’s “Refugee Blues” poem and finding it shockingly up-to-date 70 years later.

I’m kindof cheating here as I didn’t make it fresh today, it is one I made earlier.  But I’ve got a virus today (sound of violin playing).  If I had a dog it would’ve eaten my homework.

A much better reading and visuals of W H Auden’s work was recently featured on the BBC – they put his words to modern news footage.  (I made my vid first, I wasn’t copying).






Response (Chain): new Edinburgh bridge

This is my late response to the creative prompt “Chain” – a view from the new Edinburgh bridge, Queensferry Crossing.

3 Edinburgh Bridges

3 Bridges

This picture shows 3 Edinburgh bridges across the Forth.  I’m being driven across the very new Queensferry Crossing bridge, beyond, you can see the upright of the older road suspension bridge – and in the background, the rusty red colour of the railway Forth Bridge.

It’s a response to the “chain” prompt because it feels like a chain of events – a succession of bridges – and the two road bridges are both suspension bridges, held up by very many linked and twisted cables.

The new bridge has only been operational for a few weeks, and vehicles are restricted to 40 mph, so it is a good opportunity to take pictures.  Once the speed limit is raised to the usual 70 mph, it would be more difficult to snap.  And perhaps there won’t be a friendly orange traffic cone in the picture, once it’s up to full speed.


Inspiration – response to Creative prompt

How do you make an artwork based on inspiration? I grumbled to a friend last night.  “It’s like trying to make a painting about painting.”

Inspiration – I think of it as breathing – like respiration is breathing – inspiration is a breathing into, and I see the word spirit in that.  And thinking of breathing-in spirit to someone, brings me to the Judeo-Christian story of the Creation of the universe, and that first kiss of life, when the Maker breathed into Adam.




into deep silence breaks the word

at the sound the world unfurls

sound light, darkness parts

spiraling onto the chaos and

starting the great heart

of creation beating

life begins


yet though galaxies pour molten

into air and trees open

lungs, birds jump upwards

fish dive into life, animals crawl

there still remains to

be made a truth keeper

of it all


a gardener

carer, steward of living richness

the very why this environment

came to being


small reflection

of maker, from the soil blown to life

by potter, speaker, poet of word

who began it


G_d’s breathing sound

embodies the man to life ever

emboldens him to move and begin

he cries back