Screenwriting Masterclass: Phil Lord and Chris Miller

Phil Lord and Chris Miller, screenwriters or producers on such diverse projects as “The Lego Movie”, “21 Jump Street”, “Cloudy with a chance of Meatballs”, TV’s “How I met your Mother” (3 episodes), “The Lego Batman movie“…. give a masterclass on screenwriting and producing.  They break it up really well.  So although they speak forContinue reading “Screenwriting Masterclass: Phil Lord and Chris Miller”

Screenwriting Tips from the professionals

Ever wondered how other people write the scripts for films and TV? Here’s a 7 minute video of interviews with a range of awardwinning screenwriters, put together by BAFTA (British Academy of Film and Television Arts) and without further ado, here it is…. Topics covered What is your writing practice? What do you do inContinue reading “Screenwriting Tips from the professionals”

“Invisible College” – writing advice

“The Invisible College” is a BBC series of programme, available free on i-tunes as podcasts, or listenable to on half-hour programmes.  They encourage creative writing and are now on series 2 (broadcasting Mondays, 4 pm, Radio4 FM).  Catch all previous episodes on BBC i-player, titled “Invisible College”. Brilliantly, the BBC are pulling on their recordings of allContinue reading ““Invisible College” – writing advice”

Your first screenplay….

If you know someone who’s beginning to write scripts for film – or that fits you – then this video is jampacked full of advice, comments, inside the film industry tips…. like a master class in itself. Here’s just one of the comments – write at least 9 full scripts – most people write 2Continue reading “Your first screenplay….”