Tracey Emin and Transport

Tracey Emin’s huge neon text piece is installed in St Pancras: referencing time and company Continue reading Tracey Emin and Transport


Embroidery, poetry, photography

Maria Wigley combines embroidered handwriting with poetry and photography.  If the thought of that excites you half as much as it thrills me, then don’t miss her website   As an arts college tutor, Maria has thought much about her art and is able to pull out of her bag the quote: “Painting is silent poetry and poetry is painting that speaks” Plutarch. Also, she … Continue reading Embroidery, poetry, photography

Poetry art exhibition “The Dark Would”

This 9 minute video captures a remarkable exhibition of poetry in many visual forms.  A rich showing of ideas for poets, for a variety of forms to display and communicate their words.  Here there are sculptures, murals, paintings…. The Dark Would takes its idea from Dante’s Inferno “the dark wood” where the hero in the middle of life meets creatures and guides who help him … Continue reading Poetry art exhibition “The Dark Would”