Poetry art exhibition “The Dark Would”

This 9 minute video captures a remarkable exhibition of poetry in many visual forms.  A rich showing of ideas for poets, for a variety of forms to display and communicate their words.  Here there are sculptures, murals, paintings….

The Dark Would takes its idea from Dante’s Inferno “the dark wood” where the hero in the middle of life meets creatures and guides who help him out of the underworld.  Curated by Philip Davenport.  The works include Stéphane Mallarmé, Jenny Holzer, Richard Long, Susan Hiller, Tom Phillips, Simon Patterson, Mike Chavez-Dawson, Tony Lopez, Richard Wentworth, Caroline Bergvall, Lawrence Weiner, Fiona Banner and Sarah Sanders (painter of the memorable mural “I used to” – a series of sentences improvised on the spot, from the same beginning 3 words.

Rather wonderful, inspiring and beautifully preserved on video from the real event in 2013.


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