Sew, how are you?

Clare Hunter has researched a book (Sunday Times Bestseller and serialised on Radio 4 as Book of the Week) “Threads of the World Through the Eye of A Needle” and written a fascinating article in the Guardian newspaper – on how sewing can help with calming and coping with difficult life conditions, such as beingContinue reading “Sew, how are you?”

Textiles: Block Printing

I’ve found a video which “takes” you to India: not in reality but giving a sense of a country, a people, an art and a way of life. It’s joyous, short and yes it is by way of being an advert – but it makes me feel sunny and glowing, delighted to see traditionally skilledContinue reading “Textiles: Block Printing”

Animation: “Bernina Sings”

I just came across this textile animation, as part of my over-research into publicity for a charity button sale in September.  (Standby for a tsunami of button-related blog posts comin’ atcha in the next wee while.) When I say that “Bernina” is a make of sewing machine, you begin to get the picture.  This good-humouredContinue reading “Animation: “Bernina Sings””

What can you do with a commute time?

One example.  Brooklyn Boy Knits. Practice your writing Another person who used his commute as place to exercise his creative interest is a poet in a previous blog post: Dobby Gibson. Listen to a Podcast or Book Quite a few people are already onto this trick – judging by the amount of earphones I see onContinue reading “What can you do with a commute time?”

Embroidery, Gentle work & words

There is lots to see and admire in the aptly named “Gentlework”.  Quiet colours, little patterns, delicate stitches and such quiet but positive thoughtful comments.  Find out more on her instagram posts.  Her blog (at has less frequent posts and seems to be on pause but, naturally, more space for writing – and herContinue reading “Embroidery, Gentle work & words”

Friday Night is Health and Safety Film Night: the danger of Knitting

Professor Mal Archaic introduces: “Ah the innocent art of knitting.  Or is it?  Simply the making of something out of wool torn from the back of a sheep and wrapped around two sharp pointed metal objects… or is it?  The QI panel of experts are waiting to discuss this vital topic of national importance. RollContinue reading “Friday Night is Health and Safety Film Night: the danger of Knitting”

Joe Cunningham, male quilter

Joe Cunningham is a quilter, who has been inspired by Gee’s Bend.  In a video which mixes his own amazing style, he meets, pays tribute to the women quilters at Gee’s Bend and joins them in quilting. “I’m trying to be free by making quilts and it seemed to me that they had very freeContinue reading “Joe Cunningham, male quilter”

Orla Kiely – Pattern Design

  You can see her draw her iconic Stem design if you have access to BBC i-Player in the UK, at For everyone else, here it is:   Creative Takeaway “Ditsy-Tulip” runs a sewing vlog – here she wears an Orla Kiely fabric dress, and runs through a good range of books on howContinue reading “Orla Kiely – Pattern Design”

Knitting Inspiration: Kaffe Fassett

This 5 minute video lets Kaffe Fassett describe in his inimitable, colourful way, how he discovered knitting and brought his painterly eye to it, bringing a wave of colour into 1980s knitting in Britain. Also, don’t miss another post on this blog about quilting here.  Both these videos are recorded in his home, which isContinue reading “Knitting Inspiration: Kaffe Fassett”

Couture Knitting (and tattoos), Scotland: Di Gilpin

Di Gilpin, a self-taught knitting designer in Scotland, speaks in this video about her collaboration with couture designers, including her shrug inspired by the White Witch in “the Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe” – and the tattoes of a Russian warrior princess.  As she points out, with a lacey knit worn over bare skin,Continue reading “Couture Knitting (and tattoos), Scotland: Di Gilpin”