Embroidery, Gentle work & words

Photo from gentlework.blogspot.com

There is lots to see and admire in the aptly named “Gentlework”.  Quiet colours, little patterns, delicate stitches and such quiet but positive thoughtful comments.  Find out more on her instagram posts.  Her blog (at gentlework.blogspot.com) has less frequent posts and seems to be on pause but, naturally, more space for writing – and her expressive words are worth reading.



The style13876133_1095867993826355_1880119007121366183_n.jpg is often using recycled materials, a thoughtful sentence, contrasting textures, layering, retro materials, threads, hand embroidery, little scraps of vintage embellishments – all in gentle colours, mostly cream/linen colouring.  The wording, when used is handwriting hand embroidered, with what seems to be very personal, positive statements.

Sometimes, precious mementoes (gifts or poetry by loved ones) are celebrated.

picture from gentlework.blogspot.com


The embroiderer/designer has gone through massive life change in the last few years, having lived with infertility, then becoming pregnant in mid-forties and is now a mother of a toddler, dealing with the usual feelings of tiredness resulting from the care of a young one.  So there are a range of emotions – but gently and beautifully expressed.  You don’t need to be in her exact set of circumstances to have a period in your life where events are more stressful or time pressures or family demands are suddenly increased. And when this is true for the reader, this blog and instagram feed are a gentle companion.

Creative Takeaway

Even when life is overwhelming or on pause or suddenly more isolated – it’s possible to be gentle with yourself, and make art to encourage yourself – and in sharing, it brings grace to others.  This blog is like a little oasis of visual calm.

Or, if what helps you in stressful times is to use brighter colours and louder shapes – well, if it brings you light relief, it may well do so for others – make and share!



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