Street becomes Poem – Dobby Gibson

Dobby Gibson has published 3 books of poetry and had 2 nominations for the Pushcart Prize – he realised that a lifetime of taking the same bus ride in Minneapolis meant it had become, for him, a type of poem, and he reads that poem “Beauty Supply” while riding the bus route.  Watch from 4 minutes 15 to 7 minutes 10 to hear the poem. … Continue reading Street becomes Poem – Dobby Gibson

Iconic Photo 1944: D-Day Landings (Robert Capa)

As soldiers landed ashore on Normandy in WW2, a war photographer, Robert Capa, went with them, sending historic images of the action to Time Life back in America. (The film travelled: France to London, then to Glasgow to catch a transatlantic flight to Newfoundland, to Washington, to New York).  Robert Capa’s editor remembers… Continue reading Iconic Photo 1944: D-Day Landings (Robert Capa)

Phoning it in – poetry

Stumbled across this today on the blog Julie Unplugged: “10 smart ways to use your phone to improve your writing”   Listen to conversation around you and capture rich/true dialogue using your audio recording setting. Take photos, especially those surprise images to write about later. Once you set the intention to be surprised visually, you’ll spot more and more. Collect “jots” of writing in your notes … Continue reading Phoning it in – poetry