Small redemptions

This phrase “small redemptions” came to mind as I sat with my breakfast/snack/lunch and a cuppa.  I was waiting for my study group to gather, and realised that while I waited, I could learn off the contents of a study card which I usually have to keep fishing out of my bag, to refer to.

Screen shot 2016-03-12 at 02.54.27.pngThere’s a popular phrase “seize the day” – but today I was contemplating if you seize small moments, those little bits of time pieced together to make something substantial.

I have someone I’m close to, doing a repeat of an exam today (having failed it the first time around) and in a likely place for struggling to pass it, second go around.  This person is heavily resistant to revising.  But perhaps, just perhaps, might wearily agree to a 5 min revision of one key quote or exam technique daily/weekly, together.

If I do some small learning daily, it’s there for life.

What am I learning with my bits of time today?

(Note: this blog has got a whole segment titled “5 mins” for just those pockets of time)

Quilt by Liz Kuny


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