Film “Paterson” – a mood poem

I’ve just watched “Paterson” – a Jim Jarmusch film about a bus driver who secretly writes poetry and delights in overheard conversation.  It’s a really gentle, observant film with not much action, but a lot of listening.  Here’s a really good summary of it by reviewer Mark Kermode, who sums it up as a ‘mood poem”



Shakespeare inspires public transport poetry

Have you ever wondered “what if….?”  Judith Cherniak was in a group reading Shakespeare and came to a line about a love-smitten man wanting to put love poetry up on every tree.  She wondered what it would be like to put poetry in spaces on the walls on the London Underground.  Thankfully, she wrote a letter to the Managing Director of the Underground – who, to her surprise, responded positively.  Beginning with just 6 poems, Faber & Faber printing the posters for free, and a small grant from Arts Council – and 25 years later, in 2011, gave this interview about how it all began, and how the idea spread to Dublin, New York and Paris.

Almost unbelievably, the project began with just 3 people (Judith and two friends) who have continued throughout.

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.”

Margaret Mead
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Become a Designer right NOW


“You don’t need equipment, you don’t need a salary, you don’t need a lot of money, you don’t need a fancy assignment you don’t need anything – all you need is your curiosity and your optimism and you can start being a designer this minute.

Michael Beirut, Pentagram Design Partner

This 6 minute video will give more of an idea of the satisfaction of seeing your design at work, being useful in an urban environment (New York).