Other People’s Phone Messages

I don’t normally listen in on other people’s phones – but we’re all invited to do so in the opening title sequence for the TV series “The Rockford Files”.  What a great idea for an opener – it immediately tells us so much about the main character of the downbeat Private Investigator – the humour,Continue reading “Other People’s Phone Messages”

Do artists change how we look at life?

Eugene Peterson, spiritual thinker and writer, gives one interesting example of how an artist changed what he saw, in one part of his life.   Television vs Homemade vs Fine Art This short clip made me wonder about his comment that artists help us see afresh by us actively seeking them, whereas television presents andContinue reading “Do artists change how we look at life?”

Legal Fidgey-Widgeyness

The technical term for when your brain tries to explode with impatience at wording in legal documents…. as demonstrated by the calm and patient* Mr Black in “Black Books” *caution: there may be some irony used If you like this scene, do search out the whole series of “Black Books” on DVD – if inContinue reading “Legal Fidgey-Widgeyness”

6 tips for Writing Comedy from Script Editor

These tips for writing comedy come from Andrew Ellard, an English comedy writer and script editor who has worked on hugely popular British TV sitcoms such as “Red Dwarf” and “The IT crowd”.  In the video below, he’s giving advice about writing sitcom – but much of what he says will help us writing comedyContinue reading “6 tips for Writing Comedy from Script Editor”

Screenwriting Tips from the professionals

Ever wondered how other people write the scripts for films and TV? Here’s a 7 minute video of interviews with a range of awardwinning screenwriters, put together by BAFTA (British Academy of Film and Television Arts) and without further ado, here it is…. Topics covered What is your writing practice? What do you do inContinue reading “Screenwriting Tips from the professionals”

14 tips for new TV comedy/drama writers

The tone of this seminar at Xponorth2017 was very positive – some advice specifically for Scotland but generally useful for UK writers. Main advice for new writers: Look at the website BBC Writersroom for writing opportunities in BBC but also theatres When there’s an open call for submissions, send in your scripts. Keep sending themContinue reading “14 tips for new TV comedy/drama writers”

Duck 3 ways: photo, film, TV

Tao Lui took this snap – he began street photography as a way to relieve the repetitiveness of his work as a water meter reader in China.  (Aha – the continuing conversation between life and art, as this blog logo says). Much more of his story and pictures over at Colossal  website Uncanny Moments on theContinue reading “Duck 3 ways: photo, film, TV”