Legal Fidgey-Widgeyness

The technical term for when your brain tries to explode with impatience at wording in legal documents…. as demonstrated by the calm and patient* Mr Black in “Black Books”

*caution: there may be some irony used

If you like this scene, do search out the whole series of “Black Books” on DVD – if in the UK, you can probably watch it on “Channel4 OnDemand”.  It lasted for 3 series on Channel 4 on UK TV.

Dylan Moran came up with the characters, situation and a pilot episode – after which it benefitted from the sitcom writing shapes thrown by Graham Linehan (of “Father Ted” writing fame) who helped co-write the TV pilot episode and further episodes in series one, also directing.

For more on Dylan Moran, see the recent post on his show at this year’s (2018) Edinburgh Festival.


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