HUMOUR: Writing Exercise

This morning, I went around the house, seeking a writing perch for my pen, journal, pot of ink, coffee, and laptop.  I took the materials out of storage in one place, nearly settled in the living room – before finally choosing the kitchen table, trying to gather my accoutrements before realising another was missing, and circling my home like a shark before sitting down – to discover yet another key element not yet present and wandering back around the other two rooms on the hunt for THAT part.


Other people have to go outside to take exercise: I appear to have invented my own regime.  In Australia, I believe it’s called “Walkabout”.  However, if I trace my path to the sound of driving music and scream at random “arms up!” “more repetitions!” and “go for burn!” I may have the makings of a video exercise class to market.  (Except in Scotland, where if you yell “feel the burn” the inhabitants are likely to throw themselves into the nearest small river, while quoting the national bard.* However, even this has potential for an aqua-aerobics class)

*In Scotland, the phrase for a small river is a “burn” and the National Poet is Robbie Burns.


Creative Takeaway

Can you write/make a humorous take on life in lockdown as a creative exercise?


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