Books yet to read

Which books do we ever get round to reading – and which fall by the wayside and remain unread?  Popular book reviewer on Youtube, Sanne, ponders…. You can follow Sanne at her Youtube channel, booksandquills. If you have a seemingly endless list of books you want to read – my sympathy as a fellow sufferer.Continue reading “Books yet to read”

Why arts in school?

“What are the arts for? Why do we encourage creativity? Why do we teach children to play, to perform, to paint?” This is a very old question – one which a cultural leader in Britain  has just made a very direct statement about: the Arts Council Chief Executive  in the Times Educational Supplement.   Key advantages ofContinue reading “Why arts in school?”

Legal Fidgey-Widgeyness

The technical term for when your brain tries to explode with impatience at wording in legal documents…. as demonstrated by the calm and patient* Mr Black in “Black Books” *caution: there may be some irony used If you like this scene, do search out the whole series of “Black Books” on DVD – if inContinue reading “Legal Fidgey-Widgeyness”

Writing his First Movie Script: Sylvester Stallone

For the first time, I watched “Rocky” through – best of all, the attached DVD commentary by Sylvester Stallone – who comes across clearly as a writer: He talks about finding the heart of the story – and how financially broke he was when writing.  There are wry and ironic looks back – and heContinue reading “Writing his First Movie Script: Sylvester Stallone”

Dylan Moran: on Writing Comedy

“I don’t analyse it too much, otherwise I’d freeze up and fall over, like a fridge”. Interviewed at the Edinburgh Festival, on BBC Radio 5 Live, this is sparkling, fascinating, honest talk on political power, the world, the universe and writing comedy. The interviewer, Nihal Arthanayake, talks to him about how he goes about writingContinue reading “Dylan Moran: on Writing Comedy”

Preparing to create: Instrumental Music

I’m always on the hunt for good pieces of instrumental music, because I find it gives me creative space: I can be writing words and generally being creative, without someone else’s lyrics breaking in with their thoughts.  The right music gives me a background and sense of pace.  So here’s a new album for myContinue reading “Preparing to create: Instrumental Music”