Kon Mari THIS!

A young couple have posted the process of clearing out their bedroom/closet area.  They planned for it to take just one day, which immediately was clearly unachievable when they listed the 5 (Kon Mari method) areas they would tackle: clothes books paper miscellaneous (! called “kamono”) and sentimental … in reality, it took 4 days:Continue reading “Kon Mari THIS!”

Post-stroke to new career

“Limitations in itself might be a prompt to creative understanding”.…  Kate Davies, was an academic until a sudden stroke at the age of 36 turned an energetic academic into someone whose left side was paralysed and without memory of how to work.  (Note: there are many famous Kate Davies – this Kate has written armfulsContinue reading “Post-stroke to new career”

Film: (suspense) “Sudden Fear”

If you enjoy a little film noir mystery and suspense – mixed in with unreasonable glamour and panache – then try watching “Sudden Fear” (1952), currently free to view on Amazon Prime.  Joan Crawford stars as an incredibly rich woman who suddenly realises that someone might want to murder her for her fabulous wealth, mansion,Continue reading “Film: (suspense) “Sudden Fear””

Exhibition: Pierre Bonnard

Matisse called Pierre Bonnard “one of the greatest colourists” – this would immediately interest me in his work.  But added interest as the curators Matthew Gale and Helen O’Malley give us a walkthrough summary of the current exhibition: “The C C Land Exhibition: Pierre Bonnard: the colour of Memory” (23 Jan – 6 May 2019).Continue reading “Exhibition: Pierre Bonnard”

Too late to start?

I like and admire this post, which I came across on Twitter, from Mary Cecilia Jackson: I started writing what I WANTED to write at 54. Began with picture books. They sucked hard core. Found my YA voice at 56. Got an agent when I was 59. (It was HARD.) My debut comes out inContinue reading “Too late to start?”

Embroidery, Gentle work & words

There is lots to see and admire in the aptly named “Gentlework”.  Quiet colours, little patterns, delicate stitches and such quiet but positive thoughtful comments.  Find out more on her instagram posts.  Her blog (at gentlework.blogspot.com) has less frequent posts and seems to be on pause but, naturally, more space for writing – and herContinue reading “Embroidery, Gentle work & words”

Health & Safety Film Night

Professor Mal Archaic: (ahem) Yes, it is I.  Professor Mal Archaic.  As it is once again “Friday night is Health & Safety Film Night” here at ,&. I hope that you are sitting comfortably in your seats and are well strapped in, as we proceed in a rapidly declining spiral to view these air travelContinue reading “Health & Safety Film Night”

Knitting and animation: with love

It’s the old story of boy meets girl, knit one, purl one… An animation made with knitting.  A rarity.  But stop-motion animation always was hand made, with love, by obsessives willing to take forever to make something move – so why not knitting.  Two cottage industries come together: knitting and animation in this brief video,Continue reading “Knitting and animation: with love”

SONGWRITING: another slice of American Pie

The BBC have been broadcasting great documentaries about classic albums – tonight, for me, it was the turn to watch one on “American Pie” album by Don McLean.  This one album contains the song about Vincent (Starry Starry Night) and the other huge song “American Pie”. Catch it now at BBC i-player here (if youContinue reading “SONGWRITING: another slice of American Pie”