Health & Safety Film Night

Professor Mal Archaic: (ahem) Yes, it is I.  Professor Mal Archaic.  As it is once again “Friday night is Health & Safety Film Night” here at ,&.

I hope that you are sitting comfortably in your seats and are well strapped in, as we proceed in a rapidly declining spiral to view these air travel safety films, the first of which is made by the well known producer of safety documentaries: College Humor.  And remember  ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS listen completely to all safety warnings given by the pilot….

Bring me my goggles Biggles, Chocs away Rufus!  Roll the film, Beowoulf!

Aaaaaand now that these passengers survived the safety instructions, you’ll be ready to view the actual flight.  Here, we have footage of what happened next….


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