Ceramics as touch-seeing: Beverley Bell Hughes

Here is an example of Beverley’s work:   If you’d like to see more of her work, Beverley currently has an exhibition at the Contemporary Ceramics Centre, called “Tidal Echoes”, until 15th September. Blind from birth, Beverley uses texture as a way of seeing. And here is a lovely 12 minute wordless video of how she find and makes the shapes:   Advertisements Continue reading Ceramics as touch-seeing: Beverley Bell Hughes

Ceramics: Lina Lav

Screen shot of website
Lina Lav’s website front page

Lina Lav makes exquisite ceramics with recurring motifs of bee, honey, feathers, gold paint and text.  Check it out at her website.

Based in Boone, North Carolina, she is also developing canvas painting – as featured on the front screen of her website.  This is her sole painting so far, but obviously one to watch out for.

Thankfully, there is an abundance of ceramics choices.  Despite this appearing under our blog section “Thing of Beauty” – you can see that there are no less than – well – three.  So we are in plural things of beauty land here.

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“A Fine Line” – 4 artists’ exhibition, Edinburgh

City Art Centre, Edinburgh have a current exhibition curated by printmaker Angie Lewin and Lizzie Farey (willow weaver) who invited ceramicist Frances Priest and artist/printmaker Bronwen Sleigh to exhibit also.  (The exhibition runs until 18th February).

“In Conversation” (L-r) Amanda Game, Frances Priest, Angie Lewin, Bronwen Sleigh, Lizzie Farey

It was an absolute pleasure to be with them yesterday, at their “In Conversation” discussion, chaired by Amanda Game (independent curator and producer), and to hear them speaking about the process of making art and an exhibition together.  The talk was facilitated with warmth by curator Maeve Toal.

The exhibition took 3 to 4 years to put together but was a really pleasant collaboration.  The generous size of the exhibition space was a bonus, encouraging all the artists to work on a larger scale than usual.  They also agreed on the process of pattern as important to their work, although they work in very different disciplines.  There were also surprising associations, such as the ceramics tiles by Frances, likely to be used on a wall – and the architectural drawings by Bronwen.

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Ceramics craft and Fine art: Fiona Byrne-Sutton

What do you see in this featured photo of one set of Fiona’s ceramic works?  (My answers at bottom of this post). Here’s a brief taster of an article in Craft Scotland – full version here. she’d like her work to be on show at the new V&A in Dundee, Scotland (currently being built) she makes freestanding ceramic assemblages very influenced by medieval art in … Continue reading Ceramics craft and Fine art: Fiona Byrne-Sutton

Quirky Ceramics Painting

Enjoying the work of James Ward, aka Jimbobart particularly on plates:     … and there are doormats… a welcoming masked panda or a vaguely threatening cat (“I’m so sorry Mr Bond, but my villainous sidekicks must kill you – it’s in their job description”… is what I imagine him saying) Jimbobart’s works are available to purchase in Liberty’s London or online, on his website http://www.jimbobart.com.  They … Continue reading Quirky Ceramics Painting

Ceramics – Sytch Farm Studios SY5 7LL

From subtle textural fossil to glowing coloured interiors of vessels… Sytch Farm Studios has got it going on.  Potter Gill Thompson throws, turns and glazes the works, in Shropshire, England SY5 7LL – and you can choose from a wide range of colourways to make your own dinner service (a lovely indulgence for a wedding list!).  If you have an order value over £200, you … Continue reading Ceramics – Sytch Farm Studios SY5 7LL