Ceramics – Sytch Farm Studios SY5 7LL

From subtle textural fossil to glowing coloured interiors of vessels… Sytch Farm Studios has got it going on.  Potter Gill Thompson throws, turns and glazes the works, in Shropshire, England SY5 7LL – and you can choose from a wide range of colourways to make your own dinner service (a lovely indulgence for a wedding list!).  If you have an order value over £200, you can commission to your requirements.

Also available (see bottom of page) beautifully shaped wooden boards for chopping or simply serving food upon, from same address, made by Jon.

Find out more at: http://www.sytchfarmstudios.co.uk

Pricing e.g. (according to a recent The Sunday Times article) 2 breakfast bowls costs £40.

Meadow Green dinner service
Golden Rain colourway


Made from hardy stoneware, the eating/drinking vessels are dishwasher safe.

Also available from the same address – wonderful wooden boards by Jon – in elm, walnut, oak, plane woods.  (reminiscent of Henry Moore shapes)board-selection-gallery-img-2016-09-26-16-52-09.JPG



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