Health & Safety Film Night: Dangers of self-service petrol stations

Friday Night is Health & Safety Film Night again at Comma And. Tonight, our resident Health & Safety presenter, Professor Mal Archaic is absent, due to over-caffeination.  But he did leave a note of which film to show tonight, cunningly disguised as a 43 page dossier.  Roll the tape, Rufus!


Writing his First Movie Script: Sylvester Stallone

For the first time, I watched "Rocky" through - best of all, the attached DVD commentary by Sylvester Stallone - who comes across clearly as a writer: He talks about finding the heart of the story - and how financially broke he was when writing.  There are wry and ironic looks back - and …

Friday Night is Health and Safety Film Night: Easy Money

Yes, Patrons, in 2018, back without popular demand: Friday night is Health and Safety Film Night at this particular blog circus tent. Tonight's lecture subject is: "Easy Money".  Yes, that's "Easy Money".  See, I even said the word "money" quite simply.  It's easy.  But not so simple to pick up.  Roll the cinefilm, Beowulf, there's …