HUMOUR: Writing Exercise

This morning, I went around the house, seeking a writing perch for my pen, journal, pot of ink, coffee, and laptop.  I took the materials out of storage in one place, nearly settled in the living room – before finally choosing the kitchen table, trying to gather my accoutrements before realising another was missing, andContinue reading “HUMOUR: Writing Exercise”

A lighter Friday: Comedy Health and Safety: Electricity

Yes, here we are, safely gathered at the precipice of another weekend.  Another Health and Safety Information Film cued up in the projector.  Watch it carefully and see if you can spot the one mistake which Reg Prescott makes with electricity?

Missing Victoria Wood…..

don’t.  Instead, watch this video of half an hour of her chatting with Dawn French on the whole business of comedy.  It’s not a sketch show but it is amusing, witty, real and generous.  For anyone who is interested in comedy, it is an open window into that world.   Victoria tells how sheContinue reading “Missing Victoria Wood…..”

New year present

for the frighteningly well-organized, who already have Christmas sewn up and are itching to buy New Year presents for friends with a relaxed sense of humour who are not easily offended (and I realise this may be quite a small market)….. this may be a cheery gift to give: It is available for £11.95 (plus shipping)Continue reading “New year present”